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Topic 1, Volume A
In the following cluster configuration; if you reboot sglondon_1 which device will be active when
sglondon_1 is back up and running? Why?

A. sglondon_1 because it the first configured object with the lowest IP.
B. sglondon_2 because sglondon_1 has highest IP.
C. sglondon_1, because it is up again, sglondon_2 took over during reboot.
D. sglondon_2 because it has highest priority.

Answer(s): D
You find that Gateway fw2 can NOT be added to the cluster object.
What are possible reasons for that?
1) fw2 is a member in a VPN community.
2) ClusterXL software blade is not enabled on fw2.
3) fw2 is a DAIP Gateway.

A. 2 or 3

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