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What are the three layers of a hierarchical network design? (Choose three.)

A. access
B. core
C. distribution
D. user
E. server
F. Internet

Answer(s): A, B, C
Which of the following are features of IPsec transport mode? (Choose three.)

A. IPsec transport mode is used between end stations
B. IPsec transport mode is used between gateways
C. IPsec transport mode supports multicast
D. IPsec transport mode supports unicast
E. IPsec transport mode encrypts only the payload
F. IPsec transport mode encrypts the entire packet

Answer(s): A, D, E
If a switch port goes into a blocked state only when a superior BPDU is received, what
mechanism must be in use?

A. STP root guard
B. EtherChannel guard
C. loop guard
D. STP BPDU guard

Answer(s): A
lRoot guard allows the device to participate in STP as long as the device does not try to become
the root. If root guard blocks the port, subsequent recovery is automatic. Recovery occurs as
soon as the offending device ceases to send superior BPDUs.
Which components does HMAC use to determine the authenticity and integrity of a message?
(Choose two.)

A. The password
B. The hash
C. The key
D. The transform set

Answer(s): B, C

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