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Answer(s): A
The need for computer forensics is highlighted by an exponential increase in the number of
cybercrimes and litigations where large organizations were involved. Computer forensics plays
an important role in tracking the cyber criminals. The main role of computer forensics is to:

A. Maximize the investigative potential by maximizing the costs
B. Harden organization perimeter security
C. Document monitoring processes of employees of the organization
D. Extract, process, and interpret the factual evidence so that it proves the attacker's actions in
the court

Answer(s): D
First responder is a person who arrives first at the crime scene and accesses the victim's
computer system after the incident. He or She is responsible for protecting, integrating, and
preserving the evidence obtained from the crime scene.
Which of the following is not a role of first responder?

A. Identify and analyze the crime scene
B. Protect and secure the crime scene
C. Package and transport the electronic evidence to forensics lab
D. Prosecute the suspect in court of law

Answer(s): D
Smith, an employee of a reputed forensic Investigation firm, has been hired by a private
organization to investigate a laptop that is suspected to be involved in hacking of organization
DC server. Smith wants to find all the values typed into the Run box in the Start menu. Which of
the following registry key Smith will check to find the above information?

A. UserAssist Key
B. MountedDevices key
C. RunMRU key
D. TypedURLs key

Answer(s): C
What document does the screenshot represent?

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