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Which cloud service model enables an organization to deploy a proprietary operating system
and applications on a cloud provider's resources?

A. Infrastructure as a Service
B. Platform as a Service
C. Software as a Service
D. Desktop as a Service

Answer(s): A
Which statement describes cloud service arbitrage?

A. A cloud broker combines a variable number of cloud services into one or more services.
B. A cloud broker enhances a given service by improving some specific capability.
C. A cloud broker combines a fixed number of cloud services into one or more services.
D. A cloud broker provides value-added services to cloud consumers.

Answer(s): A
What provides an on-demand self-service capability to consumers, allowing them to unilaterally
provision cloud resources?

A. Web-based cloud portal
B. Specialized connectors
C. SOAP and REST web services
D. Service orchestration

Answer(s): A
What is an accurate statement about resource pooling in cloud computing?

A. It enables cloud resources to be assigned and reassigned according to consumer demand.
B. It enables cloud resources to be monitored and controlled by the consumer.
C. It enables consumers to maintain required performance levels and adapt to variation in
D. It enables consumers to access cloud services from heterogeneous client platforms.

Answer(s): A
What is a function of the physical layer of a cloud infrastructure?

A. Storing data on storage devices

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