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  • Updated On: 16-Apr-2019

What is a resource agent?

A. It is a JMX-based monitoring tool that is accessible using Documentum Administrator.
B. It is a feature of Application Builder, used to help manage lifecycles.
C. It is a process used in conjunction with the Index Server to provide full-text indexing.
D. It is a feature of WDK which allows administrators to more easily deploy components given to
them by a developer.
Answer(s): A
When using a resource agent to view a log, which option CANNOT be used to sort the log

A. Log level
B. Event type
C. Severity
D. From the first entry to the last entry
Answer(s): B
How do you delete a repository?

A. use Documentum Administrator to delete the files used for the repository's tablespaces
B. use Documentum Server Manager
C. select Configuration > Repository option in Documentum Administrator
D. use any database utility to drop the tablespaces used by the repository
Answer(s): B
What is the correct API syntax for retrieving the r_object_id of a dm_document with the name,

A. retrieve,c,dm_folder where object_name='test1'
B. id,c,select dm_sysobject where object_name='test1'
C. retrieve,c,select dm_document where object_name='test1'
D. id,c,dm_sysobject where object_name='test1'
Answer(s): D
A user has left your company. There is an object that is stil checked out by that user.
How would you remove the lock from this document?

A. delete the user using Documentum Administrator and all the documents checked out to this
user wil automatically have the lock removed
B. change the r_lock_owner attribute of the document to "dmadmin"; dmadmin wil now own the
document and can cancel checkout

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