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Topic 1, Future Isilon Technologies

For which IT solution is an Isilon NL-Series node best suited?

A. Internet Web 2.0 applications
B. Nearline archiving
C. Quantitative analysis
D. Hadoop workflows

Answer(s): C
Traditional NAS storage architectures deploy simple two-way failover between two controllers in
storage systems, such as highly available configurations. How is the Isilon architecture different
in terms of system resiliency and availability?

A. OneFS enables each node to have a designated partner node for simple failover between the
B. Use of client-side drivers can enable failover to other nodes.
C. Isilon clustered architecture deploys standby failover nodes to ensure the highest available
D. OneFS enables each node to be a peer to any other node in an Isilon cluster. Any node can
take over for any other node.

Answer(s): A
An organization wants to monitor disk performance on their Isilon cluster. Which software
module wil provide this functionality?

A. InsightIQ
B. SmartQuotas
C. SmartConnect
D. SmartPools

Answer(s): C
Which command is used to renumber the nodes of an Isilon cluster?

A. innset
B. ipset
C. deliprange / iprange
D. interface

Answer(s): D

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