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  • Updated On: 14-Jun-2019

Which of the following is NOT the feature of SELinux in the Red Hat enterprise Linux?

A. SELinux does not provide Kernel-level security.
B. Al process and files have a context.
C. SELinux implements Mandatory Access Control (MAC) security in Red Hat Enterprise
D. SELinux applies to all users, including root.

Answer(s): A

You have been hired by the company to upgrade its existing Windows NT 4.0 network to a
Windows 2000 based network. In the past, the company's support group has faced difficult
time because users changed the configuration of their workstations. Which of the following
features of the Active Directory would best justify the move to the Windows 2000 network?

A. Dynamic domain name system (DDNS)
B. Organizational unit (OU)
C. Dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP)
D. Group policy object (GPO)

Answer(s): D

Which of the following devices connects two segments of the same local area network (LAN)
but keeps traffic separate on the two segments?

A. Hub
B. Modem
C. Bridge
D. Switch

Answer(s): C

You work as a Network Administrator for McRoberts Inc. The company has a Linux-based
network. You have created a script named lf.cgi. You want to provide the following
permissions on it:
rwsr-sr-- Which of the following commands wil you execute?

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