Free HPE0-J76 Braindumps

What do me improved operational efciencies, service levels, and business feiibility provided by
HPE Storage solutions create?

A. cost reduction
B. business value
C. stability to customer business
D. customer loyalty

Answer(s): B
A customer adds additional SSD drives to an HPE 3PAR StoreServ array configure d with
Adaptive Flash Cache (AFC). Which action is needed to take advantage of the new drives in

A. Remove the old AFC configuration and recreate a new one.
B. Run tunesys afer adding the drives to rebalance the system.
C. Run the statcache command to enable AFC for all Ws on the system.
D. Increase the current AFC configuration to refect the additional space.

Answer(s): A
Which statement describes HPE StoreVirtual Network RAID functionality?

A. Redundancy is managed on a per-volume basis.
B. 10+2 configuration enables Network RAID.
C. Failover Manager increases the availability of the redundancy level.
D. Volumes remain available if an odd number of nodes are available.

Answer(s): C
Your company leverages the HPE Renew Program to deliver an HPE 3PAR StoreServ
demonstration unit to a potental customer looking for a block storage system to run an OLTP
application. The customer estmates at least 20 TB of usable capacity and wants to use the
existing 10 Gb/s iSCSl infrastructure. Low latency is important, but cost is also a concern.
What should you include in the demonstration unit design to deliver the proof of concept?

A. (8) 1.92 TB SSD drives, (16) 1.2 TB SAS drives, two-port 10 Gb/s iSCSI/FCoE adapter.
Adaptive Optimization license
B. (8) 2 TB NL drives, a two-port 10 Gb/s Ethernet adapter. File Persona license, configure AFC
C. (8) 480 MLC SSD drives, (16) 1.2 TB SAS drives, a two-port 10 Gb/s Ethernet adapter,
Adaptive Optimization license
D. (16) 920 GB MLC SSD drives, an iSCSI adapter, configure AFC

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