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Which of the following statements are true about hardware virtualization? (Select THREE
correct answers)

A. Hardware virtualization can run an unmodified Guest OS.
B. Hardware virtualization requires specially configured drivers for virtualized hardware.
C. Hardware virtualization does not use CPU emulation.
D. Hardware virtualization can take advantage of Intel VT and AMDV technologies.
E. Hardware virtualization is also referred to as containerbased virtualization.

Answer(s): A, C, D
In Red Hat Cluster Suite, which one of the following commands shows the right syntax for
fencing the node on port 3 using the APC rack PDU device which can be found at IP address

A. apc_stonith a l apc n 3 v o shutdown r now
B. fence_apc a l apc p apc n 3 v o shutdown r now
C. fence_apc a l apc p apc n 3 v o reboot
D. apc_stonith a l apc p apc n 3 v o reboot

Answer(s): C
With HAProxy, which one of the following ACLs can match requests made to the domain

A. acl acl_example hdr_sub(Host)
B. acl acl_example url_domain
C. acl acl_example hdr_sub(Domain)
D. acl acl_example url_host

Answer(s): A
Which of the following are common uses of virtualization? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. Operating System virtualization
B. User virtualization
C. Identification virtualization
D. Authentication virtualization
E. Storage virtualization

Answer(s): A, E

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