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View the Exhibit.
You have created three list items, each of which is in a different list style. You have defined the
same four list elements for each list item. The exhibit depicts the list items at run time after user
What is the list style of each list item?

A. List 1: Tlist; List 2: Combo box; List 3: Poplist
B. List 1: Poplist; List 2: Tlist; List 3: Combo box
C. List 1: Combo box; List 2: Poplist; List 3: Tlist
D. List 1: Combo box; List 2: Tlist; List 3: Poplist
E. List 1: Poplist; List 2: Combo box; List 3: Tlist
F. List 1: Tlist; List 2: Poplist; List 3: Combo box
Answer(s): E

Which statement about the Data properties of a text item is true?

A. If you set the required property to Yes for an item whose corresponding database column
does not have a NOT NULL constraint, you will receive an error at run time.
B. If the Data Length Semantics property is set to BYTE, you may need to manual y adjust the
Maximum Length property depending on the character set that is being used.
C. You can set the Initial Value for an item outside the range of values specified by the Lowest
Al owed Value and the Highest Al owed Value properties because Initial Value defines an
exception to that range.
D. If the Maximum Length of an item is set to a value that is greater than the value for Width, the
item wil not be displayed at run time.
Answer(s): B

The database EMPLOYEES table has a foreign key constraint referencing the DEPARTMENTS
You are developing a Human Resources application. HR clerks use the Employees form to
query, update, and insert employee records. They occasionally attempt to add an employee
who is in a new department that has not yet been entered into the database. When this
happens, they receive an error indicating that the parent record cannot be found, so they cannot
commit the employee record.
The HR clerks have requested that you place a button on the form to enable them to invoke the
Departments form to enter the new department and save it independently. Then they want to be

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