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  • Updated On: 16-Apr-2019

You have modeled a composite with a one-way Mediator component that is exposed via an
inbound file adapter service. How do you configure the inbound file adapter to read local files
in ascending order of their lastModifiedTime?

A. By setting the SingleThreadModel activationsSpec property to true and configuring the
ListSorter activationSpec property to
B. By not making any configuration changes because, by default, the adapter reads input
files in ascending order of their lastModifiedTime.
C. By setting the ThreadCount activationSpec property to 0 and configuring the List Sorter
activationSpec property to
D. By setting the ThreadCount activatioSpec property to ? 1 and configuring the ListSorter
activationSpec property to oracle.tip.adapter.file.inbound.liting.TimestampSorterAscending.
Answer(s): A
Explanation: When files must be processed by Oracle File and FTP Adapters in a particular
order, you must configure the sorting parameters. For example, you can configure the
sorting parameters for Oracle File and FTP Adapters to process files in ascending or
descending order by time stamps.
You must meet the following prerequisites for sorting scenarios of Oracle File and FTP
Use a synchronous operation
Add the following property to the inbound JCA file:
<property name="ListSorter"
<property name="SingleThreadModel" value="true"/>

Which two activities are typically performed during the service implementation and
configuration phase of the SOA lifecycle?

A. Capabilities are evaluated and prioritized based on business models and ROI.
B. Oracle Enterprise Repository promotes services and harvested endpoints to the service
C. Developers find and reuse services to help them complete development.
D. Developers use harvesting tools to submit their completed implementations to Oracle
Enterprise Repository.

Answer(s): C, D
Explanation: Implementation and Configuration
As capabilities are funded, projects are established to implement the capability. SOA Suite
developers working in JDeveloper can see and reuse services from the enterprise repository
to complete their projects. Service Bus developers working in Eclipse can see and reuse
services from the enterprise repository to complete their projects (C). Developers can also
harvest their completed implementations directly to the Enterprise Repository (D). The
Enterprise repository also supports VS .Net development.

In your solution, a web service client needs to invoke a series of three web services in
support of a single transaction. The third web service needs the identity of the original web
service client.


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