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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-514
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  • Updated On: 16-Mar-2019

Which two statements are true regarding Oracle Net? (Choose two.)

A. It must reside only on the client for traditional client/server applications.
B. It must reside only on the database server for web-based applications.
C. It must reside on both the web server and database server for web-based applications.
D. It must reside on both the client and database server for traditional client/server applications.

Answer(s): C, D
You want to change your database by adding some new columns to a particular tale. These
new columns represent new data that is not accessed by the current application.
Which approach would be the simplest in making these changes?

A. Use edition-based redefinition to create a new version of the table.
B. Add the columns to the table, since dependent objects will not be affected.
C. Encompass all access to these columns in separate PL/SQL procedures to avoid
dependency issues.
D. Add the columns to a different table and create a view to access the joined result.

Answer(s): A
Choose three areas for which Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Enterprise Manager offer
tools that can recommended solutions on optimal implementation.

A. Indexes
B. Compression
C. Data recovery
D. Data block size
E. CPU usage
F. Availability

Answer(s): A, B, E
You issue the following command as a DBA:
What would be the outcome of the above command?

A. It causes the instance to abort.
B. It waits for all sessions to disconnect.
C. It rolls back the current transactions and disconnects a/I sessions.
D. It waits for the current transaction in each session to complete before disconnecting the

Answer(s): B

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