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You are designing the storage properties for your Planning application. What two design
principles should you follow related to the dynamic calc storage property?

A. Dynamically calculated members should roll up to stored members.
B. You cannot calculate and store dynamic calculated members in calc scripts and business
C. Consider dynamic calc members on sparse parents with 100 t children.
D. Tagging upper-level members of sparse dimensions can reduce block size.
E. If you use a large number of dynamic calcs, you should consider increasing the Dynamic
Calculator Cache.
F. Consider Dynamic Calc and Store over Dynamic Calc.

Answer(s): B, E
B: "If you specify a Dynamic Calc or Dynamic Calc and Store member explicitly in a calculation
script, the calculation script fails. You cannot do a calculation script calculation of a Dynamic
Calc or Dynamic Calc and Store member. To use a calculation script to calculate a member
explicitly, do not tag the member as Dynamic Calc.
Identify the two true statements with regard to Versions and Scenarios.

A. Versions control data entry based on time periods set by the administrator.
B. There is only one Version to one Scenario.
C. Versions allow several "what-if" Scenarios.
D. Users must have the same security settings in the Version dimension as they have in the
Scenario dimension.
E. Versions can be top down or bottom up.

Answer(s): C, E
Identify two times when a security refresh needs to be performed.

A. Member access has been assigned to a group.
B. Member access has been assigned to a user.
C. New group is created.
D. Member "East" has OHDESCENDANTSCREAD. access assigned; A new
E. New business rule is created.

Answer(s): B, C
Identify two ways that Essbase data load rules cannot manipulate source data files.

A. Select or reject records based on certain criteria.

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