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Answer(s): B, C, D, E
The Hyperion Planning administrator needs to run several calculations in a specific order
against two different databases within the application. Identify the two options that are not valid.

A. Esscmd
B. Calc Script
C. Business Rule Sequence
D. MaxL
E. Business Rule Macro

Answer(s): A, D
ESSCMD is the original command line interface for administration commands.
MaxL, a "multi-dimensional database access language" which provides both a superset of
ESSCMD commands, but with a syntax more akin to SQL, as well as support for MDX queries.
Assuming the following dimensions and members:
Scenario - Actual, Budget and Year - 2010, 2011, you need to create a data form with two
columns. One column should list Actual for 2010 and the second column should list Budget
2011. You do not want to show data for Actual 2011 even though the first three months of the
year have been loaded from the GL.
What Is the best way to only show the 2 columns In the data form?

A. You cannot build a data form with these two columns, hour columns will display: Actual
>2010, Actual >2011, Budget->2010 and Budget >2011
B. Use Segments on the data form to create the asymmetric columns.
C. Use User Variables on the data form to create the asymmetric columns.
D. Use a composite data form to meet this requirement.
E. Use data suppression on the data form.

Answer(s): B
Asymmetric rows and columns are ones in which different sets of members are selected across
the same dimension.

Identify the three true statements about weekly distribution.

A. For Weekly Distribution options 445, 454, 544, the quarterly values are treated as if they are
divided into 13 weeks and the weeks are distributed via a pattern you specify.
B. The only valid weekly distribution options are 445, 454, and 544.
C. If you select the 4-5-4 Weekly distribution option, Planning treats the first month in the
quarter as if it has 4 weeks, the second month as If it has 5 weeks, and the third month as if it
has 4 weeks.

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