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  • Updated On: 19-Apr-2019

QUESTION: 1One of the many benefits of Oracle VDI is that it allows you to install and configure the four
elements of an Oracle VDI system on one server. This would be a solution that

A. low cost over ease ofmanagement
B. low cost with high availability
C. lowcost over high availability
D. applicationvirtualization
Answer(s): D

Which option describes the purpose of the Generic Desktop Provider?

A. It connects to a pool of virtual machines with a RDP service.
B. It connects to any virtual or any physical machine with a RDP service.
C. It connects to any physical machine regardless of operating system.
D. It connects to any virtual or any physical machine with a VNC service.
Answer(s): B
Reference: para)

You have built Windows template image in VirtualBox, and want VDI to automatically log a user
in to windows. The VirtualBox guest additions must be installed with_______.

A. VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe /autologin
B. VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe /with_autologin
C. VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe /with_autologon
D. VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe /with_auto_login

Answer(s): C
Reference: automated windows guest logons)

Oracle Virtual Desktop client on a user's PC is unable to connect to a VDI server on another
subnet, even though a Sun Ray Client on the same network works correctly. What would cause

A. Access has not been enabled on theVDIserverfor OVDC Clients.
B. OVDC uses a differentprotocol which might be blocked by a firewall.
C. OVDC does not support the encryption method configured for use on the server.
D. OVDC is intended for use with Secure Global Desktop, not Sun Ray Server.
Answer(s): D


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