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1. public class Base {
2. public static final String FOO = "foo";
3. public static void main(String[] args) {
4. Base b = new Base ();
5. Sub s = new Sub ();
6. System.out.print(Base.FOO);
7. System.out.print(Sub.FOO);
8. System.out.print(b.FOO);
9. System.out.print(s.FOO);
10. System.out.print(((Base)s).FOO);
11.} }
12. class Sub extends Base {public static final String FOO="bar";}

What is the result?

A. foofoofoofoofoo
B. foobarfoobarbar
C. foobarfoofoofoo
D. foobarfoobarfoo
E. barbarbarbarbar
F. foofoofoobarbar
G. foofoofoobarfoo
Answer(s): D

A company has a business application that provides its users with many different reports:
receivables reports, payables reports, revenue projects, and so on. The company has just
purchased some new, state-of-the-art, wireless printers, and a programmer has been assigned
the task of enhancing all of the reports to use not only the company's old printers, but the new
wireless printers as well. When the programmer starts looking into the application, the
programmer discovers that because of the design of the application, it is necessary to make
changes to each report to support the new printers. Which two design concepts most likely
explain this situation? (Choose two.)

A. Inheritance
B. Low cohesion
C. Tight coupling
D. High cohesion
E. Loose coupling
F. Object immutability
Answer(s): B, C


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