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A developer needs to deliver a large-scale enterprise application that connects developer
chooses an EJB 3.1-compliant application server, which three are true about the EJB business
component tier? (Choose three.)

A. Load-balancing is NOT a guarantee for all EJB 3.1 containers.
B. Clustering is guaranteed to be supported by the EJB 3.1 container.
C. Thread pooling can be optimized by the Bean Provider programmatically.
D. Bean Providers are NOT required to write code for transaction demarcation.
E. Support for server fail-over is guaranteed for an EJB 3.1-compliant application server.
F. EJB 3.1 compliant components are guaranteed to work within any Java EE 6 application

Answer(s): A, D, F
The EJB tier hosts the business logic of a J2EE application and provides system- level services
to the business components problems include state maintenance, transaction management, and
availability to local and remote clients.
A developer examines a list of potential enterprise applications and selects the most appropriate
technologies to use for each application.
For which two applications is EJB an appropriate solution? (Choose two.)

A. To render a GUI for mobile clients.
B. As a container for web-tier components including JSP.
C. As a Web service endpoint accessed by non-Java clients.
D. To receive and respond to HTTP Post requests directly from a web browser.
E. As an online shopping cart which can persist across multiple sessions with a single client.

Answer(s): C, E
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Typically, remotely accessible objects should be coarse-grained.
B. If a client accesses an enterprise bean local y such access must be mediated by the EJB
C. A given enterprise bean's transaction information is immutable because it is deployed across
various containers.
D. If a container provides services NOT required by the EJB specification, then that container is
NOT considered to be an EJB container.
E. An enterprise bean's transaction Information can be accessed by external tools only if the
information is contained in an XML deployment descriptor.

Answer(s): A, B
Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1, Final Release: 3.2.3 Choosing Between a Local or Remote Client
View Remote calls are potentially expensive. They involve network latency, overhead of the

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