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  • Exam Number: C_BOCR_08
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  • Updated On: 18-Jun-2019

Exam Set: 1
Which method can you use to insert field objects into a Crystal report?

A. Select the Field option from the Insert menu.
B. Right-click the area where you want the field object to appear, then select Insert Field
Object from the Context menu.
C. Click the field name, drag it to the desired position and release the mouse button to insert.
D. Click the Field button on the Formatting toolbar.

Answer(s): C

You need a report that shows all customers and allows the report reader to view either a
report listing all days in the month to date or to view only the customers with daily sales
greater than $5000. You decide to use report alerts to accomplish this. Which formula
properly sets the alert condition?

A. Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 5000
B. Sum ({Orders.Order Date}, {Orders.Order Amount}, "daily") > 5000}
C. IF Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 5000 THEN crCondition
= "Enabled"
D. IF Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 5000 THEN
AlertMessage = "Enabled"

Answer(s): A

Which two formulas can you use to determine whether the content of a string is a number?
(Choose two.)

A. IsNumber({Orders.Customer ID})
B. NumberText({Orders.Customer ID})
C. IsNumeric({Orders.Customer ID})
D. NumericText({Orders.Customer ID})

Answer(s): C, D

In Crystal Reports you select multiple report objects at the same time. Which two menu
options become available when you right-click one of the selected objects? (Choose two.)

A. Move
B. Insert
C. Delete
D. Copy
E. Cut

Answer(s): D, E

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