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Topic 1, Volume A

Which component of Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder (.pst) files does Network Discover apply
filters to?

A. Individual emails in the .pst file
B. The entire .pst file
C. Attachments in the .pst file
D. Folders in the .pst file

Answer(s): B
Where can an incident responder find the exact location of the file copy created by the Protect:
Copy File response action?

A. In the Incident Snapshot
B. In the Marker File
C. In the System Event
D. In the Discover Target configuration

Answer(s): A
Which Symantec NetBackup 7.5 option provides integrated, end-to-end protection of NAS
storage devices using snapshots?

A. Symantec NetBackup Accelerator
B. Symantec NetBackup Replication Director
C. Symantec NetBackup Shared Storage Option
D. Symantec NetBackup Snapshot Manager

Answer(s): B
What is a benefit of the Symantec Data Loss Prevention 9.0 security architecture?

A. Communication is initiated by the detection servers inside the firewall.
B. Mutual authentication between servers is based on the Chal enge Handshake Authentication
Protocol (CHAP).
C. Endpoint Agent to Endpoint Server communication uses the Triple Data Encryption Standard
D. Encryption is provided for confidential information across system components.

Answer(s): D

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