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Which two statements are true about upgrading an existing NetBackup installation to
NetBackup 5.0? (Choose two)

A. Al master and media servers must be on the same revision level.
B. Al clients must be on the same revision level as their media servers.
C. The media servers' revision level may be one level higher than their respective clients'
revision level.
D. The master server's revision level may be one level higher than the media server's
revision level.

Answer(s): A, B
Which two steps do you perform to set up a scratch pool? (Choose two)

A. create a volume pool.
B. add a line in bp.conf: SCRATCH_POOL = SCRATCH
C. create a file called SCRATCH_POOL and type SCRATCH in it.
D. mark the checkbox cal ed "Scratch Pool" in the NetBackup Administration Console.

Answer(s): A, D
Which three capabilities are available in the NetBackup 5.0 calendar-based scheduler?
(Choose three)

A. run a user backup job
B. run a NBU catalog backup
C. exclude a backup job on a specific date
D. run a backup job on the fourth Friday of the month
E. run a backup job on the last calendar day of the month.

Answer(s): C, D, E
A NetBackup system administrator is trying to restore the NetBackup catalogs after a hard
drive crash.
Which command is used to restore the NetBackup catalogs?

A. bprestore
B. bprecover
C. dbrestore
D. dbrecover
E. bpdbrecover

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