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  • Exam Number: 2V0-731
  • Provider: VMware
  • Questions: 119
  • Updated On: 16-Apr-2019

What is a requirement for successfully using a reservation policy in a blueprint when
provisioning machines?

A. The reservation policy is assigned to the blueprint author.
B. The reservation policy is assigned to a reservation.
C. The reservation policy is assigned to a fabric group.
D. The reservation policy is assigned to the tenant.

Answer(s): B
What are the two possible metric sources for compute resource statistics in vRealize
Automation Reclamation > Tenant Machines? (Choose two.)

A. vRealize Operations
B. VMtools agent
C. vRealize Automation agent
D. vCenter

Answer(s): A, C
Which option would explain why servers become unavailable during a vRealize Automation
installation when the install wizard is fixing the prerequisites on the Windows IaaS servers?

A. One or more of the fixes for the prerequisites requires a reboot.
B. IPSec must be disabled on all Windows systems to prevent connection issues.
C. The vRA appliance disconnects the servers as part of the registration.
D. The IaaS integration service must be restarted due to instability.

Answer(s): A
A user receives a submission page with a red exclamation when attempting to submit a request.
Which option best explains this behavior?

A. The approver has NOT approved the request.
B. The user exceeded the allowable resources for that request.
C. Actions have NOT been assigned to that item.
D. The user is NOT entitled to that resource.

Answer(s): B
What is the correct method for adjusting an existing approval policy that is assigned?

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