Free 300-370 Exam Braindumps

An engineer must open a support case with Cisco TAC. Which two commands verify the model
and serial number of a controller? (Choose two)

A. show sysinfo
B. show udi
C. show inventory
D. show boot
E. show tech-support

Answer(s): A, B
An engineer has received an alarm on a wireless LAN controller and is unsure of its meaning.
The engineer attempted to ping the wireless LAN controller interfaces. Which troubleshooting
methodology does this action demonstrate?

A. bottom-up
B. follow the path
C. shoot from the hip
D. top-down
E. divide and conquer

Answer(s): E
An engineer has run the debug dhcp packet enable command on the wireless LAN controller
CLI. Which field contacts the IP address offered to the client?

A. siaddr
B. ciaddr
C. chaddr
D. yiaddr
E. giaddr

Answer(s): C

Which statement about the join process of the access point is true?
Refer to the exhibit.