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An administrator has successfully created a three-tier application container. How would it be
published for user consumption?

A. Create a catalog of type Service Container.
B. Add the service pool to the Cisco Prime Service Catalog.
C. Create an application container template.
D. Log in to the user portal with the ServiceAdmin account.
E. Run the Infra Network Inventory Collection Task.

Answer(s): A
Where would an administrator monitor application container template instantiation?

A. Click the Application Containers drop-down menu.
B. Click the Organization drop-down menu, then Service Requests.
C. Check the My Approvals tab in the Orchestration dialog box.
D. Watch the progress bar on the catalog request dialog box.

Answer(s): B
If an administrator were to delete a VM in the Intercloud Fabric provider portal, what would be
the expected behavior?

A. VM deletion in the cloud provider portal is not an available feature.
B. The Cisco Intercloud Fabric GUI does not reflect the change; the provider portal reflects the
C. The Cisco Intercloud Fabric GUI wil immediately reflect the change.
D. The VM can only be deleted from the provider portal.

Answer(s): B
Which two statements are true regarding port-profiles and the Cisco Intercloud Fabric virtual
machine? (Choose two.)

A. Al port profiles required for creating the Cisco Intercloud Network Policies must be created
using Intercloud Fabric.
B. Trunk ports are supported in the cloud virtual machines.
C. Al port profiles required for deploying a virtual machine must be created using the Cisco
Intercloud Fabric.
D. Trunk ports are supported in virtual machines that wil be migrated to the cloud.

Answer(s): A, C

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