Free NCSE-LEVEL-1 Exam Braindumps

prospect uses Vmware, Oracle, and Microsoft products for a critical application. The prospect prefers an all flash array because they have significantly invested in servers for their Oracle environment to save on licensing costs.

which feature should be discussed to address this objection?

  1. AHV
  2. Hyper-V support
  3. ABS
  4. All flash nodes

Answer(s): C

A prospects storage administrator is concerned about deploying Nutanix for their vSphere server virtualization environment due to anticipated increase to the data retention for compliance purpose and associated costs.

Which Nutanix feature should an SE discuss to convince the prospect to move forward?

  1. Linear scalability by adding more nodes.
  2. Acropolis Block Services.
  3. Adding storage only nodes.
  4. Extending storage container with existing SAN storage.

Answer(s): B,D

A customer plans to migrate a business critical,highly tranactional SQL Server database to Nutanix Currently the databases is running on a physical server with 256GB of RAM and 12CPU cores at > 80% utilization To run the VM on a single NUMA node, which processor configuration should the SE recommend for this workload?

  1. Intel E5 2680v4 (14 cores each @ 2.4GHZ, 28 Cores total)
  2. Intel E5 2620v4 ( 8 cores each @ 2.1GHZ, 16 Cores total)
  3. Intel E5 2643v4 ( 6 cores each @ 3.4GHZ, 12 Cores total)
  4. Intel E5 2667v4 ( 8 cores each @ 3.2GHZ, 16 Cores total)

Answer(s): D

A customer recently deployed Nutanix for VDI workloads and determine AFS is suitable for their departmental shares. They ask about infrastructure requirements providing the following file workloads specifics:

· 11.8 TB of data.

· 360000 files.

· 2400 Users.


Based on the exhibit,

which criteria shared by customer supports the requirement of additional nodes?

  1. 800 shares.
  2. 11.8 TB of data.
  3. 360000 files.
  4. 2400 Users.

Answer(s): C

A prospect provides sizing details for a new application that will require 15TiB of usable storage. The prospect needs to plan for an additional 20% storage growth as part of the initial purchase. Including capacity to fully re-protect in the event of a node failure, which configuration provides minimal cost while meeting the capacity requirement?

  1. Option A
  2. Option B
  3. Option C
  4. Option D

Answer(s): C