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Manage Languages in Admin Center must be used to change translated labels for which of the following that are accessed from Career Site Builder sites?

  1. Job alerts email template
  2. Search bar
  3. Create an Account
  4. Data capture form

Answer(s): C

What are some of the responsibilities of a functional consultant on a Career Site Builder (CSB) implementation?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  1. Work with the customer to develop a job distribution strategy.
  2. Ensure that the job data supports the customer’s recruiting strategy.
  3. Upsell additional solutions to the customer.
  4. Build the customer's CSB site using custom plugins.

Answer(s): A,B

You have set up Real Time Job Sync. The sync is working, but NOT all of the jobs posted externally are displaying in the Career Site Builder site. What could be the cause of this failure?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  1. The recruiter did NOT include the job with Sync Recruiting Jobs.
  2. The recruiter does NOT have permissions for Career Site Builder.
  3. The recruiter did NOT include a country.
  4. The recruiter did NOT include a job description.

Answer(s): A,D

What happens if a candidate is navigating the Career Site Builder site and clicks to access a branded page that has NOT been built?

  1. An error message will be displayed.
  2. The home page for that brand will display.
  3. A message will display asking the candidate to select a brand.
  4. The page for the default brand will display.

Answer(s): A

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Anonymous 12/19/2023 7:27:37 PM
Q8. Option B is correct and option D is incorrect Category pages - jobs can display on more than one category page AND leading practice for category pages to use the same layout, though different components

Kay Kay 6/29/2023 2:22:00 PM
Please upload the dump