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The key factors that have contributed to the higher cost of health care include:

A. Technology, aging population, chronic disease and litigation
B. Aging population, chronic disease, performance payment and litigation
C. Technology, performance payment and litigation
D. Al of the above

Answer(s): A
What change the basis of payment for hospital outpatient services from a flat fee for individual services to fixed
reimbursement for bundled services?

A. Cost payment system
B. Ambulatory payment classifications
C. Cost compliance and litigation
D. None of the above

Answer(s): B
when providers try to get one payor to pay for costs that have not been covered by another payor, this refers to:

A. Cost Capacity
B. Cost capitalization
C. Cost-shifting
D. Prospective cost

Answer(s): C
The combination of age and technology has increased cost with the passage of time.

A. True
B. False

Answer(s): A
Prescription drug coverage for Medicare enrolees, which of sets some of the out-of- pocket costs for medications,
this covers:

A. Medicare Part A
B. Medicare Part B
C. Medicare Part D
D. Medicare Part F

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