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Which of the following are valid configurations for Open standard SIP architecture? Choose 2

A. l SIP Server, 1 Softswitch
B. 5 SIP Server, l Network SIP Server
C. 1SIP Server, 1 T-Server
D. 3 SIP Server, 5 T-Server, l Cisco call Manager

Answer(s): A,C


We want to use a treatment 'PlayAnnouncement' from routing strategy to play following file:

C:\ProgramFiles\Mediaserver\Announcement\l_mulaw,wav, How would the URI in the INVITE
message sent to Media Server look like?

A. sip:annc@MedlaServer:port;play=ftle://announcement/l;repeat=l
B. sip:annc@MediaSen/er:port;plav=c:\ProgramFiles\MediaServer\announcement\l;repeat=l
C. sip:annc@MediaServer:porc;play=announcement/'i_mulaw.vvav;repeat=l
D. sip:annc@MediaServer:port;play=l;repeat=l
E. sip:annc@MediaServer:port;play=l_mulaw.wav;repf^t

Answer(s): A


Which statements are correct?

A. The Genesys Media Server and Genesys Stream Manager are the only music sources
available when using Genesys SIP Server 8.
B. Genesys Media Server or Stream Manager performance is not affected by the codec
selected for use.
C. Media Server and Stream Manager require that URS make requests for media to be
streamed to a caller.
D. Genesys Media Server supports Treatments

Answer(s): B


How is the Genesys SIP Server licensed?

A. per seat
B. per running instance
C. per any DN
D. per Agent

Answer(s): A

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