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Which statement is true about the relationship between a master server and an EMM server?

A. An EMM server supports only one master server.
B. An EMM server supports more than one master server.
C. A master server may use more than one EMM server.
D. A master server may use an EMM server one major version behind.

Answer(s): B
Attempts to remotely install Net Backup client software on a new UNIX client fail. What are
possible solutions for this problem? (Choose two.)

A. Turn on universal access in the /etc/services file.
B. Add the user MASTER_SERVER on the client.
C. Enter the master server and root in the .rhosts file in the root directory.
D. Type the master server's name and IP address in the client'shosts file.
E. Update the /etc/inetd file on both machines.

Answer(s): C, D
What should you do after Net Backup media server is installed?

A. Make sure you have restarted services on the EMM server.
B. Make sure you have a server license key.
C. Make sure you have enough disk space for the catalogs.
D. Make sure you can communicate with the tape devices.

Answer(s): D
Which statements are true about installing multiple media servers? (Choose two.)

A. Al media server installations require a server license key.
B. Al media server installations must be pushed from the master server.
C. Al media server installations should be performed as root/administrator.
D. Al media server installations can be pushed from a media server with the same OS.
E. Al media server installations require a tape drive be configured on the system.

Answer(s): A, C
When installing Net Backup 6.5, which documents should be reviewed before installing the
application? (Choose three.)

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