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  • Updated On: 22-May-2019

A company has just expanded the Symantec NetBackup 7.0 environment by adding an
additional media server. What is the fastest way to update several hundred Symantec
NetBackup clients with the new media server information?

A. run theupdate_all_clients script
B. run theadd_media_server_on_clients script
C. specify the new media server in the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface
D. specify the new media server in the client properties

Answer(s): B
A tape library had the robot firmware upgraded and now the robot is reading the barcodes with
additional characters. What can be set so that Symantec NetBackup 7.0 uses the same
characters as before the firmware upgrade occurred?

A. Media ID generation
B. Media ID display
C. media type mapping
D. barcode rules

Answer(s): A
Which two media status designations are excluded in the count against maximum number of
partially full media? (Select two.)

A. Frozen
B. Imported
C. Active
D. Available
E. Inactive

Answer(s): A, B
An administrator has created three BasicDisk storage units within the NetBackup Administration
Console (STU-A, STU-B, and STU-C). The administrator needs to create a backup policy that
evenly rotates use of each of these storage units during backup. How can the policies or
storage units be set up to accomplish this?

A. set up each of the policies to use "Any Available" storage unit
B. set up a storage unit group for these STUs andselect "Failover" option for storage unit
C. set up a storage unit group for these STUs andselect "Least recently selected storage unit"
D. set up a storage unit group for these STUs andselect "Choose storage units based on order

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