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Topic 1, Volume A

Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows an N-to-1 cluster configuration, in which nodes are connected to storage
devices via dual-hosted SCSI cables.
Why is this an inefficient configuration?

A. Storage should be shared by more than two nodes.
B. Clusters should have at most two nodes.
C. NAS is preferred over SAN for shared storage.
D. NFS is the preferred way to share storage within a cluster.

Answer(s): A
What does Network Monitor use to identify network traffic going to a nonstandard port?

A. The originating domain
B. Total packet size
C. Either UDP or TCP
D. Protocol signature

Answer(s): D
While Veritas Cluster Server supports nodes in a cluster using different hardware or operating
system versions, this is potentially undesirable for which two reasons? (Select two.)

A. User security
B. Inability to handle load on failover
C. Cluster upgrades

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