Free AD0-E104 Exam Braindumps

Which AEM pre-deployment action should the Architect do after final UAT testing but prior to a live production launch?

  1. Forecast overall visitor traffic
  2. Stress test all Dispatchers and Publish instances
  3. Execute relevant AEM licensing and maintenance agreements
  4. Understand migration requirements

Answer(s): B

A customer wants to reduce response time of content served from a single Linux based TarMK AEM setup.
What should the Architect change?

  1. Publish installation to use TarMK farms
  2. Publish installation from TarMK to MongoMK
  3. Dispatcher configuration Linux to Windows server
  4. Publish installation from Linux to Windows server

Answer(s): C

Which two tools should be recommended to do stress testing of an AEM application? (Choose two.

  1. jMock and Mockito
  2. jUnit and Mockito
  3. Hobbes.js
  4. Adobe Tough Day
  5. Apache JMeter

Answer(s): D,E

A news agency editor wants to publish news articles to an intermediate Publish (preview) instance for internal review before publishing the article to production Publish instance.

Which two steps should the Architect recommend? (Choose two.)

  1. Create a separate live copy to preview content
  2. Set up a new replication agent for preview server
  3. Create a closed user group (CUG) for editors
  4. Create a custom publish workflow
  5. Create a reverse replication agent on preview server

Answer(s): A,B

A customer has 2TB of DAM assets on-premise.

Which deployment model should an Architect recommend to increase AEM server performance?

  1. File datastore with default serialization
  2. S3 datastore with binary less serialization
  3. File datastore with binary less serialization
  4. S3 datastore with default serialization

Answer(s): B