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An AEM Sites implementation is migrating from on-premise to AEM as a Cloud Service. Previously, the application was deployed in a single package for both code and access policy nodes. After initial deployment and testing in the new infrastructure, it is reported that user permissions are not working as expected.

What change should the Architect make to address this issue?

  1. Update package metadata to use MergePreserve for handling access policy nodes
  2. Move access policy nodes to a dedicated package and install manually
  3. Refactor access policy nodes to Apache Sling JCR Repoinit scripts in the same package
  4. Document permissions and request the Customer Success Engineer to configure

Answer(s): A

Users report cases where data inaccuracies are present in an AEM component that relies on AEM Search functionality. The AEM platform utilizes Lucene as its main search engine.

How should an Architect resolve this issue?

  1. Add search indexes to Lucene search engine
  2. Change the search engine to Property Search
  3. Scale up server resources to meet demands
  4. Migrate search engine to an external Solr instance

Answer(s): A

A customer wants to simplify and automate publishing press pages and defines the following flows:

What should the Architect recommend?

  1. Create a custom workflow
  2. Advise the customer to use Launches
  3. Implement a Sling event listener that triggers on page creation
  4. Configure MSM with the "Activate on Blueprint activation" option

Answer(s): B

A client is modernizing some of their AEM sites to go from static to editable templates so they can use the latest features around has the following parameters:

· The client currently has a dozen static templates that they want to move to editable templates.
· The existing pages use the parsys paragraph system for storing components.
· Each page based on one of the static templates has its own custom properties tab that is unique for that template type.
· The client wants template authors to be able to create the editable templates.
Which approach should an Architect use to meet these requirements?

  1. 1. Use a new page component for editable templates based on the core components page
    2. Migrate page properties to respective components dialogues

  2. 1. Use a new page component for editable templates based on the core components page
    2. Convert page properties to policies

  3. 1. Use the same page components for editable templates
    2. Use a new template type for each static template

  4. 1. Use the same page components for editable templates
    2. Create a new editable template based on each of the existing page components

Answer(s): D

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