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When collecting a query parameter (cid) to store in a prop, which syntax is correct?

  1. s.prop3 -s.Util,getQueryParam('cid');
  2. s.prop3 --s.Util,GetQueryParam('cid');
  3. s.prop3 --s.Util,getQuery,Parameter('cid');
  4. s.prop3 -s.ntil,getquery,Parameter('cid');

Answer(s): A

You are working in Adobe Experience Platform Launch and making multiple updates to a library:
What is the quickest way to see your results and test your changes?

  1. Save your changes using the Working Library function, and build library.
  2. Open the Local Testing tab, save your changes and build the library.
  3. Open the Quick publish tab, save your changes, and build the library.
  4. Open the Publishing tab, save your changes, and build the library.

Answer(s): A

When testing, the Adobe Analytics beacon is not firing. There is a JavaScript error in the console that says ''TypeError: Error is not a function''.
Which is the probable cause of the error?

  1. A variable called Error
  2. A function called TypeError
  3. A variable called Error
  4. A function called error

Answer(s): B

Assuming that all data will be collected from an on-page data layer, when should a data layer property be updated and called by its data element so that the value is accurate for the link click?

  1. . After the s,t() call before the s,t1() call
  2. After both the s,yt() and s,t1() calls
  3. Before any server calls are made
  4. On DOM ready before window,onload()

Answer(s): B

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