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What is the benefit of using the direct mail delivery step instead of a data extraction step?

  1. The delivery step allows for personalization
  2. The delivery step logs data to contact history
  3. The delivery step sends the file to the configured vendor.
  4. The delivery step allows for a preview of the direct mail piece.

Answer(s): C

In a campaign workflow, how should a Business Practitioner ensure that Adobe Campaign retains data between intermediate activities?

  1. by selecting 'Log SQL queries in the journal' option in the workflow properties
  2. by displaying the target at each step in the workflow
  3. by storing data passed between activities to temporary worktables
  4. by selecting the 'Keep the results of interim populations between two executions' option in the workflow properties

Answer(s): D

The number of records out of union is less than intended. Which conclusion should be made?

  1. The target is dropping inactive records.
  2. The target schemas are NOT the same.
  3. The target is dropping exclusions.
  4. The target populations are NOT mutually exclusive.

Answer(s): D

The Marketing team wants to receive a weekly update on the global open and clickthrough rates generated by the built-in Tracking indicators report in a PDF format.
To configure this on a recurring basis: what are the three minimum workflow activities needed? Choose the three correct answers.

  1. E3 Scheduler activity
  2. Enrichment Activity
  3. Delivery Activity
  4. Alert activity
  5. Signal activity
  6. JavaScript activity

Answer(s): A,C,F

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