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A customer needs help to optimize a workflow that automatically exports tracking records campaigns sent during the day.

The workflow has a scheduler that runs every 6 hours and reads tracking logs created current date minus 6 hours. During data validation, the customer notices that records are missing with this approach. Which two recommendations should the Architect make? (Choose two.)

  1. Add a scheduler to execute every 6 hours, use an option to store the date since last execution of the export workflow, and use as a reference point.
  2. Use an incremental query activity to fetch the last modified records from the tracking table modified in the last 6 hours.
  3. Create an incremental query activity to fetch the last modified records from the recipient table that has tracing logs modified in the last 6 hours.
  4. Add a scheduler to execute every 6 hours and use a dirty flag to update the tracking record that was picked in the execution of the workflow
  5. Create a loop with a wait for 6 hours, store an instance variable of the id field that was last selected, and use that in the next query.

Answer(s): B,D

A customer wants to include one of a set of personalized offers as part of order confirmation emails, triggered via an eCommerce application event. Which two modules must the customer use?

  1. MRM
  2. Message Center
  3. Interaction
  4. Leads
  5. Campaign Optimization

Answer(s): B,D

A client wants to configure a data connection between a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and Adobe Campaign Classic for delta data import. Which field must be present in the CRM connection settings for the configuration?

  1. Account ID and Created date
  2. Account ID and Created date
  3. ID field and Created date
  4. ID field and Last Modified

Answer(s): A

A client captures interests in flat data files from external websites. The want to integrate the topic subtraction data into Adobe Campaign.

  1. Custom schemas with opt-in flag for each topic.
  2. List for each topic
  3. Information Service
  4. Additional attributes for topic subscription within the Recipient schema

Answer(s): D

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