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When using Grunt. which CLI command is used to track changes in the source files and recompiles CSS files?

  1. grunt watch
  2. grunt less
  3. grunt start

Answer(s): A

An Adobe Commerce developer is using a view model within an existing block:

What are two ways to access the view model class in the template? (Choose two.)

  1. $block->getviewModel()
  2. $block->getData( ' view_model ' )
  3. $block->getData( ' viewModel ' )
  4. $block->viewModel()

Answer(s): B,C

An Adobe Commerce developer needs to reposition a block before all other elements of its nesting level.
Which attribute value can be used to accomplish this in the Layout XML?

  1. before='+'
  2. before=' -'
  3. after="-"

Answer(s): B

An Adobe Commerce developer was asked to customize a JavaScript component which is written as a function.
How would the developer extend the native JavaScript function?

Answer(s): C

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Jiwani 6/2/2024 9:18:41 AM
Good way to know about what the questions would be in a real exam.

Rajesh Cahduhary 12/4/2023 11:26:00 PM
mostly wrong answer example: question no 16 answer should be A