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A major finance organisation has engaged your company to set up a large data mining
application. Using AWS you decide the best service for this is Amazon Elastic
MapReduce(EMR) which you know uses Hadoop. Which of the following statements best
describes Hadoop?

A. Hadoop is 3rd Party software which can be installed using AMI
B. Hadoop is an open source python web framework
C. Hadoop is an open source Java software framework
D. Hadoop is an open source javascript framework

Answer(s): C
Amazon EMR uses Apache Hadoop as its distributed data processing engine. Hadoop is an
open source, Java software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications
running on large clusters of commodity hardware. Hadoop implements a programming model
named "MapReduce," where the data is divided into many small fragments of work, each of
which may be executed on any node in the cluster.
This framework has been widely used by developers, enterprises and startups and has proven
to be a reliable software platform for processing up to petabytes of data on clusters of
thousands of commodity machines.
A company is writing a new service running on Amazon EC2 that must create thumbnail images
of thousands of images in a large archive. The system wil write scratch data to storage during
the process.
Which storage service is best suited for this scenario?

A. EC2 instance store
B. Amazon EFS
C. Amazon CloudSearch
D. Amazon EBS Throughput Optimized HDD (st1)

Answer(s): A
A Solutions Architect is designing a VPC. Instances in a private subnet must be able to
establish IPv6 traffic to the Internet. The design must scale automatical y and not incur any
additional cost.
This can be accomplished with:

A. an egress-only internet gateway
B. a NAT gateway
C. a custom NAT instance
D. a VPC endpoint

Answer(s): A

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