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A. Customer surveys.
B. Internal surveys.
C. Customer visits.
D. Complaint analysis.

Answer(s): B
What is the key ranking difference between the Deming philosophy and the Malcolm
Baldrige award criteria?

A. Deming prescribes "all or nothing" propositions but MBNQA ranks categories with
different weights.
B. The MBNQA ranks "business results" and "customer focus", but Deming does not
consider theseitems.
C. The MBNQA has seven categories compared to Deming's 14 points.
D. There is no recognized rating system for the MBNQA.

Answer(s): A
A vendor may be audited both before and during the execution of a contract. During such a
vendor audit, the focus may be directed at the management and resource management of
the company.
Which of the following areas would be EXCLUDED during such an audit?

A. Use and planning of time, manpower and training.
B. Defined quality responsibilities.
C. Company philosophy and organizational charts.
D. Design and process capabilities.

Answer(s): D
In obtaining Total Customer Satisfaction, management should NOT undertake which of the
following activities?

A. Use employee involvement and teamwork.
B. Encourage team competition.
C. Encourage sacrificing for the team.
D. Coordinate efforts of the departments.

Answer(s): B
Normally, complaint data for both a product or service organization should provide

A. An indication of the organizational areas creating the most problems.
B. The degree or extent of customers dissatisfaction.
C. The appropriate corrective action to take.
D. The total quality costs for the organization.

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