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Select the best staff training package:

  1. Staff are given a book on behavior analysis and asked to read it; comprehension tests are given after each chapter
  2. Staff are given explanation of the procedures, then a weekly feedback system is implemented to sharpen their skills
  3. Explanations of each procedure are given to the staff, then the supervisor demonstrates the procedures; staff are given opportunities to practice the skills with feedback from supervisors
  4. The supervisor conducts role playing sessions with the staff with weekly feedback provided for performance

Answer(s): C

You are designing a treatment program for Susan. Before getting into details, you wish to identify some ultimate outcomes towards which Susan will progress. Which of the following is NOT an appropriate ultimate outcome for Susan?

  1. The variety and diversity of events in Susan’s life
  2. Susan’s access to reinforcers in the community
  3. The range of interpersonal interactions with others
  4. The convenience of staff with whom Susan works

Answer(s): D

Non-contingent reinforcement is this type of intervention:

  1. Antecedent intervention
  2. Consequent intervention
  3. Punishment strategy
  4. Behavioral momentum intervention

Answer(s): A

A teacher uses a group contingency with her students. She states the following rule: “If everyone gets 100% on their spelling test the week, I will turn cartwheels down the hall for you.” What type of group contingency is this?

  1. This is not a group contingency
  2. Independent group contingency
  3. Interdependent group contingency
  4. Dependent group contingency

Answer(s): C

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