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A teacher says: “Everyone, you have math homework tonight. Tomorrow, I will draw a name from a hat. If that person has completed his or her homework and remembered to bring it back to school, everyone will get extra recess.” What type of group contingency is this?

  1. This is not a group contingency
  2. Independent group contingency
  3. Interdependent group contingency
  4. Dependent group contingency

Answer(s): D

Self-management is best defined as the:

  1. Personal application of behavior change tactics that produces a desired change in behavior
  2. Personal application of behavior change tactics that produces an increase in a desired behavior
  3. Personal application of behavior change tactics that produces an decrease in a desired behavior
  4. Application of behavior change tactics that causes changes to a particular behavior

Answer(s): A

A study was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of time-out for physical aggression. The time-out procedure would be considered the:

  1. baseline measure.
  2. dependent variable.
  3. independent variable.
  4. response measure.

Answer(s): C

When conducting an analogue functional analysis, the condition commonly used as a control is the:

  1. home condition.
  2. play condition.
  3. social attention condition.
  4. demand condition.

Answer(s): B

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