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Which method is the BEST to use when presenting categorical data from a functional analysis?

  1. a bar graph
  2. anecdotal report
  3. scatter plot
  4. standard celeration chart

Answer(s): A

What is the next step in the assessment process if data from the functional analysis do NOT support the original hypothesis?

  1. Base the intervention on the original hypothesis and re-assess after a time lapse.
  2. Design a package intervention to address all possible functions of the behavior.
  3. Continue to conduct the functional assessment until the data coincides with the original hypothesis.
  4. Alter the hypothesis regarding the maintaining variable of the behavior based on the results of the functional assessment.

Answer(s): D

When developing a task analysis, a behavior analyst would first:

  1. assess the mastery level of the individual.
  2. conduct a functional assessment of the target skills.
  3. determine the necessary component steps.
  4. observe the individual to collect baseline data.

Answer(s): C

In general, when a behavior analyst is asked to help someone make friends, the behavior analyst should:

  1. avoid interfering in interpersonal relationships.
  2. refer the person to a counselor, social worker, or other professional.
  3. evaluate the current social repertoire.
  4. set up a social skills training program.

Answer(s): C

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