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Holly is learning to use a spoon to feed herself. Applesauce is known to function as a reinforcer. Her teacher has selected the following objective for Holly: "Given a spoon and a 3-ounce dish of applesauce, Holly will independently scoop the applesauce to her mouth." This objective is incomplete. Which component is missing?

  1. antecedent stimulus
  2. consequence condition
  3. prerequisite skill criteria
  4. standard of performance

Answer(s): D

Speed, magnitude, durability and generality of effect are some of the MOST important

  1. dimensions of behavior that lend themselves to quantification more readily than others.
  2. variables that are overlooked by other social sciences in solving problems.
  3. variables to consider when selecting reinforcers and punishers.
  4. components of treatment packages used in treating the most severe behavior problems.

Answer(s): C

Jim's teacher has taught him to say, "Hello, how are you?" and when he does this, she delivers praise. Now Jim says this whenever he meets anyone, and some people say, "Fine, how are you?" What is the natural consequence for Jim's behavior?

  1. increased number of friends
  2. continuous reinforcement
  3. improved social repertoire for Jim
  4. the responses of the people he meets

Answer(s): D

When shopping with her dad, Sally knocks items off the shelf, especially canned goods. The cans make a loud noise when they hit the floor. Her dad decides to teach her an alternative behavior.

What alternative behavior is the BEST choice to teach?

  1. Sally pushes the shopping cart with both hands.
  2. Sally drops items into the cart when her dad gives them to her.
  3. Sally keeps her hands in her pockets while in the store.
  4. Sally holds dad's hand while shopping and gets to let go when quiet.

Answer(s): B

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