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When using a changing criterion design, the BEST demonstration of experimental control would be produced if the:

  1. criterion level is changed in equal increments.
  2. criterion level is changed slightly on each manipulation.
  3. criterion level is set well above that of the behavior.
  4. behavior changes concurrently with the criterion level.

Answer(s): D

The PRIMARY advantage of using a multiple baseline design across subjects is that:

  1. an intervention may be applied to more than one individual.
  2. experimental control can be demonstrated without a reversal.
  3. it is the most effective method for establishing functional relations.
  4. more individuals benefit from the effects of an intervention.

Answer(s): B

Jamie frequently falls to the floor and screams at school. Preliminary behavioral assessment data indicate that his tantrums are maintained by attention and escape from demand situations. Jamie's behavior analyst wants to examine precisely how attention and escape conditions affect these behaviors. The behavior analyst does not want to conduct the analysis in Jamie's classroom because she would not be able to control for potentially important factors. Relating to this scenario, which statement is TRUE?

  1. Analyses that involve experimental conditions are almost always conducted in the person's natural environment.
  2. The behavior analyst could conduct the analysis in a vacant classroom, but the generality of the findings is an issue to be considered.
  3. The behavior analyst should conduct detailed interviews with the teacher and school staff to determine functional relations.
  4. Only if the analysis is conducted in Jamie's classroom can a reasonable hypothesis be generated.

Answer(s): B

Carlos participated in a toothbrushing skill acquisition program. When he started the program, he needed physical assistance to perform each step. After two weeks, he met all objectives and was able to complete each step independently. The program involved the use of graduated guidance, praise, and token reinforcement. In the future, the behavior analyst would like to examine which procedures made the program most effective (i.e., guidance, praise, or token reinforcement). To determine this, the behavior analyst could use a

  1. component analysis.
  2. discriminant analysis.
  3. nonparametric analysis.
  4. parametric analysis.

Answer(s): A

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