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The behavior analyst has had good results with an intervention she designed that makes access to video games contingent upon playing with other children. She now wants to compare the effects of differing amounts of video game access time. She should conduct a

  1. changing criterion study.
  2. nonparametric study.
  3. parametric study.
  4. reversal study.

Answer(s): C

Which of the following measures would be the MOST appropriate for reporting head banging during each 5- minute interval of work?

  1. duration of head banging
  2. latency from a request to the first response
  3. rate of head banging
  4. inter-response time

Answer(s): C

A person "getting wet" in the rain is NOT considered an occurrence of behavior because "getting wet"

  1. does not specify an interaction between an organism and its environment.
  2. can occur under only one, very specific environmental condition.
  3. is a hypothetical construct and cannot therefore meet the criteria for an occurrence of behavior.
  4. does not have social or clinical significance in a science of human behavior.

Answer(s): A

The BEST definition for mouthing behavior would be any instance of Luke.

  1. placing his mouth on any object for at least 5 seconds.
  2. placing his open mouth on a non-nutritive object or placing a non-nutritive object in his mouth.
  3. making contact with his mouth to any non-nutritive object.
  4. mouthing a non-nutritive item for 3 or more consecutive instances within a 30 second interval.

Answer(s): B

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