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Susan recorded data on a student's fidgeting behavior in the following way: She divided a 10-minute recording period into 10-second intervals and recorded in each interval a "+" if the target behavior occurred at least once. The percentage of intervals of target behavior occurrence was about 45%. The data resulting are most likely to be an

  1. accurate measure of inter-response times.
  2. inaccurate measure of inter-response times.
  3. overestimate of the occurrence of the behavior.
  4. underestimate of the occurrence of the behavior.

Answer(s): C

A major benefit of product recording is that:

  1. it is the easiest recording method.
  2. it is used when a behavior results in a certain tangible outcome.
  3. the observer does not have to be present when the behavior occurs.
  4. one can always determine who engaged in the behavior that led to the product that was recorded.

Answer(s): C

Observation sessions should be scheduled so that the representativeness of the data can be maximized. Considering behaviors occurring in a school setting, which of the following options is consistent with this recommendation?

  1. Behaviors are given letter-codes that represent the complete topographical definition of the behaviors, e.g., “on-task academic behavior” is represented by “O” on the recording sheet.
  2. Observations should be made only when the behavior is likely to occur most frequently during a day, for instance, during a particular academic class.
  3. Recordings of behavior during the whole school day may be needed initially to assess the representativeness of samples within the day.
  4. Representativeness can be assured by scheduling observations in sessions of 60 minutes or more in the morning and afternoon school schedule.

Answer(s): C

Frequency would be the MOST appropriate measure for which scenario?

  1. The behavior analyst wants to reduce the number of times Jack hits Jill.
  2. Jack wants his employees to increase the number of kits made in one hour.
  3. Jack's parents want him to reduce his persistent hand flapping.
  4. Jill wants to increase her son's compliance with room-cleaning requests.

Answer(s): A

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