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What is the MOST important measure of behavior when the goal is to decrease the number of cigarettes smoked per day?

  1. duration per cigarette
  2. inter-response time
  3. percentage
  4. rate

Answer(s): D

For which of the following would it be appropriate to measure duration?

  1. Amy responds very slowly to instructions during her discrete trials teaching sessions.
  2. Ethan leaves his work station and wanders around the building.
  3. Sarah takes so long to begin her math assignments in class that she is never able to finish on time.
  4. Ryan is trying to increase the speed of his typing at the computer keyboard.

Answer(s): B

Although tests have confirmed that Matthew is not deaf, his mother is worried because Matthew is very slow to respond when she calls to him. Frequently, she has to resort to touching him before he looks at her. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate for measuring Matthew looking when called?

  1. latency
  2. frequency
  3. inter-response time
  4. duration

Answer(s): A

When determining the specified time interval to prescribe at the start of a DRO intervention, which of the following dimensions of the target behavior is MOST relevant?

  1. latency
  2. frequency
  3. duration
  4. inter-response time

Answer(s): D

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