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Teaching a child to match printed words to pictures, then pictures to the actual objects, and then testing to determine if the child can now match printed words to the actual objects is known as:

  1. PECS
  2. Discrete trial training
  3. Verbal behavior training
  4. Stimulus equivalence

Answer(s): D

Placing a request that a child is least likely to perform at the end of a series of requests that the child is most likely to perform is a phenomenon known as:

  1. The Premack principle
  2. High-probability request sequence
  3. Errorless learning
  4. Mediated transfer

Answer(s): A

The purpose of conducting a functional assessment is to:

  1. Complete a functional analysis
  2. Manipulate variables that affect behavior
  3. Obtain information from which to create a hypothesis statement
  4. Determine how effective a treatment intervention is

Answer(s): C

Which is the best definition of a behavior function?

  1. What the teacher believes the reinforcer should be for the child
  2. How the behavior controls antecedents
  3. How the child feels concerning his or her own behavior
  4. The reinforcers that maintain a behavior

Answer(s): D

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