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SHA-1 is the most commonly used SHA algorithm, and produces a ____________-byte hash value(size).

  1. 256
  2. 128
  3. 32
  4. 20

Answer(s): D


SHA-1 is the most commonly used SHA algorithm, and produces a 20-byte hash value.


What benefit does HPE Cloud Cruiser provide?

  1. Need for proven, production-ready technology
  2. Need a full history of all application data
  3. Require top-notch performance
  4. Need to avoid data duplication or redundancy

Answer(s): A

The word “Drapp” or “DApp” is most commonly understood to mean what?

  1. Distributed Application
  2. Distributed Apps and Programs
  3. Decentralized Application
  4. Distributed Autonomous Application

Answer(s): C


Which of these reasons is a good reason to choose a conventional database over blockchain to store application data?

  1. Centralization is to be avoided
  2. Databases should never be used over blockchain
  3. Full history is needed for all data
  4. High performance is required

Answer(s): D

Which of the following scenarios and databases is least suited to be utilized by a blockchain solution?

  1. Scenario: Law enforcement system; Dataset: Criminal Arrests, Warrants for Arrest, Conviction Date
  2. Scenario: An Email campaign service; Dataset: Recipient Email, From Email; Subject, Body
  3. Scenario: A family filter wifi router; Dataset: Websites Visited, Websites Blocked, Download History
  4. Scenario: Credit score app; Dataset: Credit Score, Hard Inquiries; Collections, Date Removed, Date Added

Answer(s): A