Free 156-585 Exam Braindumps

What command is usedtofind out which port Multi-Portal has assigned to the Mobile Access Portal?

  1. mpclient getdata sslvpn
  2. netstat -nap | grep mobile
  3. mpclient getdata mobi
  4. netstat getdata sslvpn

Answer(s): D

What is connect about the Resource Advisor (RAD) service on the Security Gateways?

  1. RAD has a kernel module that looks up the kernel cache, notifies client about hits and misses andforwards a-sync requests to RADuser space module which is responsible for online categorization
  2. RAD is completely loaded as a kernel module that looks up URL in cache and if not found connects online for categorization There isno user space involvement in this process
  3. RAD functions completely in user space The Pattern Matter (PM) module ofthe CMI looks up for URLs in the cache and if not found, contact the RAD process inuser space to do online categorization
  4. RAD is not a separate module, it is an integrated function of the 'fw1 kernel module and does all operations in the kernel space

Answer(s): C

Which of the following is NOT a vpn debug command used for troubleshooting?

  1. fw ctl debug -m fw + conn drop vm crypt
  2. vpn debug trunc
  3. pclient getdata sslvpn
  4. vpn debug on TDERROR_ALL_ALL=5

Answer(s): C

Which Daemon should be debugged for HTTPS Inspection related issues?

  1. FWD
  2. HTTPD
  4. VPND

Answer(s): C

Which command is most useful for debugging the fwaccel module?

  1. fw zdebug
  2. securexl debug
  3. fwaccel dbg
  4. fw debug

Answer(s): C