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Topic 1, Main Exam Set 1

Which component is required to run FCoE?

A. converged network adapter
B. iSCSI gateway
C. host bus adapter
D. Fibre Channel adapter

Answer(s): A
Computers can connect to FCoE with converged network adapters (CNAs), which contain both
Fibre Channel host bus adapter (HBA) and Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) functionality
on the same adapter card. CNAs have one or more physical Ethernet ports. FCoE
encapsulation can be done in software with a conventional Ethernet network interface card,
however FCoE CNAs offload (from the CPU) the low level frame processing and SCSI protocol
functions traditionally performed by Fibre Channel host bus adapters.
You have a Cisco Nexus 5500 Series switch. What is the default load-balancing hash
mechanism for traffic on FCoE port channels?

A. the source MAC address
B. the source IP address and the destination IP address
C. the source MAC address and the destination MAC address
D. the source TCP or UDP port and the destination TCP or UDP port

Answer(s): B
On Nexus 5500 the default load balancing mechanism on the LACP port- channel for FCoE
traffic is "source-destination". In this default state, all the FCoE traffic takes the same link in the
port-channel when the Nexus 5500 forwards frames over FCoE VE ports. In order to enable all
links to be used in the port-channel for FCoE traffic, enter the port-channel load-balance
ethernet source-dest-port command to configure Nexus 5500 "port-channel load balancing" to
"source-dest-port". With this configuration "source- destination-oxid" load balancing is used for
FCoE traffic.
You must configure resiliency for Fibre Channel uplink ports on Cisco UCS Fabric
Interconnects. Which feature should you configure?

A. an appliance port
B. vPC
C. a port channel
D. a unified storage port

Answer(s): D

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